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Sino Ba Talaga si Santa Claus?

Sino Ba Talaga si Santa Claus?

Ang akala ng karamihan, si Santa at si Hesus ay iisa. Dati, ganoon din ang akala ko. Pero ang paniniwalang ito ay isang malaking MALI! Naka-caps lock pa ‘yan. Bluff na bluff! Kung hindi naman pala siya si Jesus, eh sino siya?

Ang maikling kasaysayan ni Santa.


Nagsimula ang lahat kay Bishop Nicholas ng Myra AKA Turkey. Yung mga kayamanan niya, ginamit niya sa mga nangangailangan -sa mahihirap, may sakit, etc. Nakilala siya dahil sa pagiging mapagbigay hindi lang sa nangangailangan, kundi pati na rin sa mga bata. Binawian siya ng buhay noong ika-6 ng Disyembre, AD 343 at inilibing sa cathedral church. May nabuo umanong liquid na tinatawag na ‘manna’ sa paligid ng libingan nito. Ang liquid na iyon ay sinasabing milagroso. Kaya nitong magpagaling ng mga may sakit. Inaalala ang kamatayan ni Bishop Nicholas tuwing ika-6 ng Disyembre.

Mula Turkey, kumalat ang istorya ni Bishop Nicholas hanggang Amerika. Ang katagang Saint Nicholas, Sinter Klaas kung tawagin ng mga taga-Holland. Kalaunan, Sancte Claus ang naging tawag sa kanya ng mga taga-Estados Unidos. Ipinakilala naman ang santo bilang Santa Claus ng mga Europeo.

Noong 1930′s, pinakilala ng pintor na si Haddon Sunblom ang dress code ni Santa -red and white clothing. Lalo pang nakilala ang dress na ito dahil sa advertisement ng Coca-Cola. Well, kakulay eh.




Kung gayon, si Santa Claus ay hindi si Jesus. Bagkus, si Santa Claus ay si Saint Nicholas, isang tao na itinalaga bilang santo. Marahil ito ang ilan sa mga dahilan kaya napagkakamalan na si Santa at Jesus ay iisa lang:


-close siya sa mga bata



-tuwing Disyembre siya inaalala.

But mind you guys, kamatayan ni Santa ang ginugunita tuwing Disyembre, at ito ay tuwing December 6. Samantala, kapanganakan naman ni Jesus ang ipinagdiriwang at ito ay tuwing December 25.

So alam na natin, ha? Pero kunsabagay, si Hesus naman talaga ang dahilan kung bakit nagdiriwang ng Pasko ang mga Pinoy. Ipinakilala lang ng mga Amerikano si Santa Claus.Christmas is all about Christ. Kaya nga Christ-mas, eh.

Para sa mga magulang at nakatatanda na nagbabasa nito, itama natin ang maling persepsyon ng mga bata tungkol kay Santa, okay? Hindi naman masamang alalahanin din natin ang kabutihang ginawa ni Saint Nicholas. Pero marapat lang na si Jesus ang inaalala tuwing Pasko dahil kaarawan Niya iyon. =)


* * *


I do not own the photos.

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Babysitting A Toddler

Do you still remember the things you’ve done when you were a kid? It’s typical for someone to run around the house, imitate the elders, and mess up things. Life is easy. Children only follow the idea that if you did something good, you’ll get a reward. Likewise, if you did something bad, you’ll receive a punishment.

As a kid, you also wonder why the elders always get stressed with you even if you’re just having fun. But now that you’re the one babysitting a kid, you realize how tough it is to take care of a child. It’s more difficult than growing a plant! Isn’t it stressful?

First and foremost, you’ve got to watch for everything they do because they might be caught into accidents in just a blink of an eye. You can let them play by themselves but you should be aware of what they do.

Kids have their own minds. You can’t make them follow your rules that easy. You got to play lots of tricks to make them obey you. One situation could be convincing them to finish their meal first before they play with their toys.

Kids could have mood swings, too. Be flexible enough to cope up with their feelings. Remember: you won’t be able to calm a scared child of you’re mad.

Kids experience emotional stress. Base on my observation in my four-year old sister, if you just scold at her at all times, it’s as if you’re telling her that she didn’t do anything good in her life. So its better that you praise your kid or give rewards whenever he/she did a good job. You’ll develop a good relationship in that way. Also, this will help the child practice the good things more often than the bad since the consequences was already imprinted to him/her.

Kids love attention and tend to get insecure. They always wanted rewards or praises. They always wanted to be the best. It’s not bad for them to be competitive. Support them in everything (good) they do. Just keep them humble and sport.

A balance in being strict and loose should be practiced. You can’t always restraint the child like a prisoner or give much freedom as if he/she has no guardian at all.

Aside from thinking about work/school, household chores and bills, keeping an eye on your child should also be put into mind. Whether it’s your kid, sibling, nephew, or even if you don’t have any blood relation at all, as long as you’re the babysitter, you’ll take care of that kid. It’s a very sensitive case. But anyway, as long as you know what to do, you’ll raise that child just fine.

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College Freshie: Classroom Rules 101

In college, cleaning the classroom is not necessary. How it looks like when you arrived there should also be the look once you leave. However, you won’t have a permanent room. You’ll have different rooms per subject for a definite time and it changes every semester. Some professors will allow you to choose your seat. In this case, choose the spot where you could clearly hear your instructor’s voice.

College is really different from high school. If you’re a freshman, this article will help you cope up with your new environment. This will give you instructions of what you will do before, during and after your class.



-Don’t be late. Arrive often fifteen minutes before or on time in your designated room. But in case you’ll be, the latest would be until fifteen minutes after the start of a particular period. If the class starts at 9:00, it’ll be at 9:15. Proffessors also follow this rule. So if he/she didn’t arrive within fifteen minutes, you could leave the room. However, it is still better to go to his/her faculty room and check if you have a class.

-Better go to the restroom to pee or retouch yourself. In this way, you won’t miss any part of the class discussion. Take note: it’s better not to go to the restroom especially during exams. Professors refrain students from doing this unless they were finish with their test papers.

-If you’re hungry, better eat before or after class. Doing this during the lecture will interrupt your flaws on the lesson.

-Set your mind at the subject. Recall the previous lesson or check your notes. You might be asked by the professor. It would be a bonus recitation for you.

-Turn you cellular phone off or silent to avoid its distraction in class.

-Before you enter a room, make sure it is the right room at the right time. Don’t just barge in all at once. Who knows? You might get embarrassed once you realize that you entered the wrong room. You’ll disrupt the current class, too.



-Don’t move too much. It doesn’t mean that you should be a statue. Just sit up straight.

-Don’t make noise and don’t let yourself be distracted when you heard one.

-Don’t make useless chatter with your seatmates.

-Don’t text or take out your cellular phone. Some professors were very meticulous that once they saw this device, they’ll snatch it from you. If you won’t retrieve it, you have to meet him/her at the faculty room and give a valid reason why you’re phone was out at his/her time.

-Don’t daydream. You don’t want to be asked by the professor and you not noticing it, right?

-Take down notes swiftly. Terms mentioned only once or twice might appear in exams,

-When a question is raised, answer as best as you can. Even if yours was wrong, at least you tried. There might be instances that you’re already know the right answer but you don’t want to share it in fear that it is wrong.

-Ask questions running on your mind or clarify things when the lecture was done.

-Share ideas. Professors weren’t living Google who know everything. Class discussion is a learning experience for both students and professors.



-Check your seat if you have any trash. Also, check your things. You might have forgotten something to return inside your bag.

-Summarize the lesson in your mind or take down notes.


There were so many rules, right? It’s okay. If you have the great tactics, you can break a rule or two. As the saying goes, “know the rules well so you can break it like a pro!”

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College Freshie: Get To Know People

In college life, you may know few people—mostly your previous schoolmates—or no one at all. It makes you feel awkward, knowing that the people you only get in touch with, were previous or current block mates. Why not get acquainted or even friends with the workers in your university?

Be friendly with security guards, canteen and sari-sari store vendors, the janitors and even the university cashier and librarian. Other than them, try getting acquainted with the people from the registrar’s office, office of student affairs, dean’s office and the faculty members. You’ll never know. You might meet the university president at the hallway but you didn’t greet him since you didn’t know. It is shameful. Lastly, know the members of your university student government and school organizations particularly the one you took part in. These are your schoolmates and the ones at the higher levels were handled by various professors. You could ask them some question about you professors, such as what type of professors they were and how they give examinations.

Surely, there are lots of names and faces in your school. Don’t worry. It’s not a must to know every individual. Recognizing a few would be helpful enough. But why should you do it? It is because you might need their help someday. You could ask for their referrals to the companies you might apply for. Moreover, they might help you with your school projects like conducting interviews and surveys.

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College Checklist: Things to Bring

It’s back to school tomorrow. Have you prepared your things? If you only have a notepad and a pen, then think again. Those were not the only things needed especially at the start of a semester. Here’s a checklist suitable for a college student. Most of these are the necessary things that should be in your bag.

-Filler Notebook. This is more than enough for you since there weren’t many notes in college. Most professors prefer photocopies of lessons, instead. If you’re a freshman, I advice you to still use ordinary notebooks rather than fillers. In this way, you can compile your notes for one particular subject in one notebook. Moreover, this would be helpful for reviewing your old notes once you take up your board exam (if you have one.)

-Pens. Yes, pens, as in many of it! There are times that a pen loses its ink at the exam day. Having a spare one helps. In terms of color, professors advice students to use either black or blue for taking exams, and red for checking. Since erasures are a big deal, you could use a pen with an eraser (if you have money for that).

-Highlighter. This is optional. Since didn’t borrow your textbooks anymore, you can highlight the important terms and ideas. In replacement of this, you could just use a pen to take notes beside the paragraphs.

-Yellow pad paper. Grade Six pad, intermediate paper or whatever you call it, these white papers are out! Yellow papers are in! Some professors who likes surprise test require their students to always bring this. So make sure you have one.

-Index cards measuring 1/8 and ½. These are asked by professors on the first meeting where you would write your name, course and year level, contact information and address. Other professors use this for recitation.

-I.D. pictures mostly measuring 1×1 and some 2×2. To avoid having a haggard face at your rushed I.D. to be submitted to your professor, better have your pictures ready as soon as possible. Asking your picture was the professors’ way to recognize you, so it is a must. It is advisable (especially for girls) not to wear too much make up for your I.D. picture that it is almost impossible to tell that it was you on the picture. Your natural, typical and everyday look is enough.

-Schedule or to-do list notebook. This is optional for you. But I’m telling you, having these help.

-Retouching/Hygiene kit e.g. alcohol, tissue, powder/foundation, cologne, comb, mirror and handkerchief/face towel (sanitary napkin for girls). You could also add extra tee-shirt if it still fits on your bag. Of course, you don’t want to look so haggard, right?

-Food (lunch/snack), water and some medicine like paracetamol. Having food and water ready with you not only saves you some peso, but also keeps you energized whenever you need it. The medicine could also be obtained from the clinic. But what if you’re location was far away from it? At least, you have one ready to be taken in, whether you’re in school or on your way home.

-Extra money. This is advisable especially if your house was far away from school. Whenever there’s something to be paid on the spot (mostly photocopy of book pages), you have budget for that.

-Cellular phone or list of contacts. Just as what was indicated in identification cards, “in case of emergency, please notify.”

If you think that this list wasn’t complete, then add the things that you thought you might need. Besides, it would still depend on your course. If art was your field, then you’ll need art materials like charcoal, watercolor, paint, pencils, etc.

I hope this list helped you on packing your things for school. Good luck on your first day!

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Confessions of a Computer Addict

Dati, hindi ko pa pansin. Tuloy pa rin ako sa aking gawain. ‘di nagtagal ay naranasan ko rin—mga epekto ng pagiging adik sa computer.

Inaabot ako ng ilang oras sa harap ng kompyuter. Parang doon na uminog ang mundo ko. Kain-tulog na nga lang ako sa bahay eh. Pagkagising, computer agad. Kahit ang pagkain ay ginagawa ko sa computer table. Isasara ko lamang ang teknolohiyang ito kapag matutulog o ‘di kaya ay maliligo. Buti nga, hindi ito nag-over heat at nasunog.

Ano ba ang mga ginagawa ko kapag nagkokompyuter? Syempre, tulad ng iba, Facebook. Hindi ako nakikipag-chat, bagkus ay naglalaro ng kung anu-anong application. Sa internet na rin ako sumasagap ng mga balita, imbes na sa radyo o telebisyon. Higit sa lahat, dito ako gumagawa at nagbabasa ng istorya. Oo, naging adik ako sa pagbabasa ng mga Tagalog na nobela at manga o ‘yung mga Japanese comics. Syempre, idagdag pa riyan ang pagda-download ng kung anu-anong kanta na may iba’t-ibang genre at larawan ng mga anime characters.

Madalas akong pumasok sa eskwela nang bangag dahil sa pagkokompyuter. Ngayon, trenta minutos pa lang ay sumasakit na ang ulo at parte ng mata ko. Nasobrahan na yata sa radiation. Hindi tuloy ako kaagad makatapos ng mga requirements sa school. Napansin ko rin na naging sakitin ako. Madalas akong magkalagnat. Pero ewan ko kung related ba ito sa pagkokompyuter. Naging kaunti rin ang food at liquid dosage ko dahil sa tuwing nakain ay nakatuon pa rin sa kompyuter ang aking atensyon. Kaunti na nga lang ang pangkaing hinanda ko para sa sarili, hindi ko pa rin maubos.

Iyon pa lamang ang mga nararanasan ko sa ngayon. Pero hindi ko alam kung ano pa ang maaaring kahinatnan nito balang araw. Kaya hangga’t maaari ay nililimitahan ko ang sarili sa pagkokompyuter hanggang sa mawala na ang kaadikan ko. Mahirap nang magkasakit!

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Aking Guro: Mensahe Mula sa Isang Magulang

Minsan sa buhay ko, naranasan kong maturuan hindi lamang ng aking mga magulang sa tahanan kundi pati na rin sa paaralan. Sa limang araw na pagpasok ko noong ako’y estudyante pa ay limang na araw din siyang nagtuturo. Hindi siya sumusuko mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes, umaga hanggang hapon. Sa kanya ako natuto ng ‘a, ba, ka, da’, ‘isa, dalawa, tatlo’, ‘mag-add, subtract, multiply’ at ang umunawa ng mga bagay-bagay. Gaya na lamang ng kung paano sumiklab ang mga digmaan sa iba’t-ibang parte ng mundo.

Humanga ako sa taglay niyang kabaitan. Sa tuwing kakausapin mo ay hindi nawawala ang ngiti sa kanyang labi. Dahil nga rito’y hindi ko maiwasang mapangiti rin. Kahit na nagpapasaway na kaming mga estudyante niya ay patuloy pa rin siya sa pagbibigay-aral sa amin. Patuloy niya pa rin kaming iniintindi sa kabila ng kakulitan namin. Kapag may mga patimpalak, kasama namin siya sa tagumpay at kabiguan. Palagi siyang naririyan at handang makinig sa mga problema mo. Matapos mong mailabas ang iyong saloobin ay bibigyan ka niya ng payo na madadala mo hanggang sa paglaki. Sobrang tiyaga niya na maging kaming mga estudyante niya ay nahawa na sa kanya. Naging matiyaga kami sa bawat mga takdang aralin at proyektong pinapagawa sa amin. Kaya naman sa patuloy na pagtahak naming sa aming landas ay nagsilbi siyang inspirasyon.

Kahit na hindi naman ako maloko noong ako’y nag-aaral pa, may mga ugali ako na nabago niya. Dahil sa kanya, natuto akong gumalang lalung-lalo na sa mga matatanda. Nagawa kong paunlarin ang sarili ko. Natuto akong mangarap sa buhay. Dahil sa kanyang mga payo, nagawa kong makapagtapos hanggang kolehiyo. Hindi man ako naging ganoon katagumpay sa aking trabaho, ang mahalaga’y masaya ako sa ginagawa ko. Sabi nga niya, “ang trabaho’y hindi lang nasusukat sa laki ng suweldo, kundi kung masaya ka ba sa ginagawa mo.”  Sa madaling salita, ang katagumpayan ay hindi makikita sa labas kundi mararamdaman mo sa loob, sa puso mo.

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Lakas ng Loob

Kapansin-pansin na marami ang mga mahiyain sa ngayon. Ang tinutukoy ko ay kapag nasa klase. Kaya naman naisipan  kong ibahagi ang aking nalalaman patungkol sa pagkakaroon ng lakas ng loob.

1. Tanungin mo ang sarili mo. “Alin ang mas mahalaga? Pagkamahiyain mo o ang grado mo?”

2. Sa pagre-recite o pag-uulat, isiping nakikipag-usap ka lang sa isang tao o ‘di kaya’y nakikipagkwentuhan ka lang sa mga kaibigan mo.

3. Huwag pansinin ang mga kaklaseng nagme-make face at masyadong papansin.

4. Mas mainam kung kilala mo na ang lahat ng iyong kaklase para hindi ka nahihiyang magtungo sa harapan.

5. Kapag nag-uulat, humarap ka at ipakita ang iyong gwapo o magandang mukha. Huwag kang makipag-usap sa pisara. Hindi ‘yan sasagot sa’yo. At kung sumagot man, matakot ka na!

6. Kung napag-aralan mo na ang iuulat mo, wala nang iba pang matinong rason para manginig ka kapag mag-uulat ka na. Mainam rin kung mag-ensayo ka sa ulat mo sa harap ng salamin.

7.  Dagdag puntos para sa pag-uulat mo kung makikipag-eye to eye contact ka. Mas madali itong gawin kung nauunawaan mo ang report mo.

8. Mainam kung palagi kang nag-uulat. Bukod sa exposure, makakabawas ito sa pagkamahiyain mo at dagdag puntos pa sa grado!

Sa umpisa ay nakakakaba talaga. Pero kapag nasanay ka na, parang wala na lang. Wala na ang kaba o panginginig. Pwede ka pang makapagpatawa na siyang makapagpapanatili ng interes ng mga kaklase mo.

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An Interview With The New Principal

We all know that we have a new principal. Everybody’s curious about her new policies and projects. For us to answer those questions on our minds, we set an appointment to her. Actually, it’s a privilege for us to interview our new principal—Mrs. Eugenia V. Guerra. This 17th of February is the day when we had an appointment to our dear madam. You could notice the cleanliness inside her office. It seems that she wanted our school to be clean and neat like her work place.

According to her, she felt excited on her first month. She told us that it’s very challenging for her. Because she’s facing another kind of challenges, another groups of students, employees and work place. “My top priority is to transform the attitudes of the students. Also, I want to address problems by providing orientation, activities and seminars to enhance their talents and skills.” said Mrs. Guerra. Her goal is to protect the students from bad influenced people and have deeper relationship with God that’s why she decided for us to have the recollection twice each year—one on June and the other on March. Our principal encouraged Math teachers to be friendly for the students to be interested in Math. We could notice the new policies and those should be followed strictly to discipline us all. She asked the four of us about our acceptance with regards to those rules and regulations. For us, it’s good to have disciplined students because it will be a big help in order for the school to be orderly clean. If that happens, were not ashamed to accept visitors. Maybe we would be the ones who will encourage them to visit our school.

The new principal wanted our school to be progressive. She allowed us to take a look on her time frame which shows her plans for our school. What she desired for the Las Piñas National High School is to be a pilot school. “I’d wanted them to give me at least five years and let’s see what I can do for the school.” she added. She’s a model of being hard working in which we could get the source of hope to achieve our goals.

* * * *

Interview by Katrina Lavides

Write up by Jeannefer Escandor

Las Piñas National High School


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Pagtatanan? Kalokohan!

“Mahal na mahal kita.” wika ng binata.

“Mahal na mahal din kita.” tugon naman ng dalaga.

“Kung gayon, magtanan na tayo!”

Iyan ang kadalasan nating marinig sa mga drama sa radio, mapanood sa telebisyon at mabasa sa mga nobela. Subalit kwento lamang ang gma iyon. Madaling isipin at sabihin. Pero kung gagawin na sa realidad, ibang usapan na yan!

Isipin mo nga. Kung ikaw ay makikipagtanan sa kapareha mo na nag-aaral pa lang, umaasa pa rin sa magulang at wala pang trabaho, ano’ng mangyayari sa inyo? Lakas ng loob magtanan, may pera naman ba? Matutuluyang bahay kaya? Baka naman maging NPA kayo ha? Paano yung pagkainniyo? Ano, kanin at asin? Gusto mong magkasakit sa bato at maagang mamaalam sa mundo?

Sa mga babae, ni hindi nga kayo pinapadapuan ng lamok ng mga magulang niyo. Pero kung maglalayas at walang pera, syempre kakayod kayo na parang kalabaw. Aba! Hindi madaling kumita sa ngayon. Mas malala kugn ‘di ka pa tapos mag-aral. Naku! College graduate nga ay nahihirapang maghanap ng trabaho. Yung hindi pa kaya nakapagtapos? Panigurado, maaga kang malolosyang! Kumabaga, 30 anyos ka pa lang ay daig mo pa ang 40 anyos.

Sa mga lalaki, naisip niyo ba ang mangyayari sa inyo? Pahingi-hingi lang kayo ng pera sa magulang. Maghapon sa DOTA, basketbol o barkada. Tandaan mo, kapag nakipagtanan ka ay hindi mo na magagawa ang mga yan. Ang paglalayas ang palatandaan ng pagtalikod mo sa mga taong umaruga at nagmamahal sa’yo. Hindi ka na pwedeng umasa sa kanila! Kapal naman ng mukha mo kung naglayas ka, tapos hihingi ka ng pang-ulam. Ano ‘to? Lokohan? Ano’ng gagawin mo? Gagawa ng krimen. Ay, yan ang matindi. Paano ‘yung mga anak ninyo? Nganga! Ano, pagtatrabahuin niyo sa murang edad? Hay. Dagdag problema na naman ng bayan! Tapos isisisi niyo sa gobyerno? Gobyerno ba ang nagsulsol para magtanan kayo, ha?

“Ibibigay ko sa’yo ang mga tala.” Tumigil ka nga! Ni hindi mo pa nga nararating ang isang tala, tapos sasabihin mong ibibigay mo ‘yun? Aba! Sa sobrang init nun, hindi ka pa nakakalapit ay sunog ka na!

Totoy, ineng, gising! Tapusin niyo muna ang pag-aaral niyo. Huwag masyadong excited. Paunlarin ang sarili. Suportahan ang pamilya. Explore life! Kasi kapag pumasok ka na sa buhay may  asawa, hindi ka na makakatakas pa!

 * * * *

Ito na yata ang pinakaprangka kong post. Oh, ‘wag maghihimutok ha? Ang layon nito ay gisingin ang diwa ng kabataan.

Salamat sa pagbabasa!

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